Charlie Bartlett

Release Date: February 22nd 2008
Plot Outline: A rich kid becomes the new self-appointed therapist of his new high school.
Though, this movie has been done many times before and strongly reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s day off, which I hated. It also struck me as a Breakfast Club wannabe. Despite these comparisons, I loved this movie. I can’t really tell you why. I think it is because I am just ever so charmed by Anton Yelchin. I think he is phenomenal, ever since I saw him in Alpha Dog, it was love at first sight.

This type of plot is always popular and well received, as many times as it is done because people love the idea of the endearing underdog coming out on top in the end. I think that people, no matter the circumstance, relate themselves to the character.

I was under the impression that this film was a light comedy. I was very wrong. I was shocked and completely blind sided by the intense and serious moments that occur. The entire first half of the movie is light and funny whereas the second half of the film is dark and edgy. It didn’t really match up; it felt like I changed the channel mid movie and was watching the same movie done with a different mood. Nevertheless, you learn to go with the flow and enjoy the surprises. This is a good film but I wouldn’t recommend going to see it. Wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it.


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