Release Date: June 2nd 2008

Plot Outline: A drunken, loser super hero must clean up his act due to the public turning on him.

This was an interesting film for Will Smith. I felt that it was very out of his character. I like that he is branching out into other roles. I didn’t find this to be a comedy, although there was sudden comedic moments. I don’t know what to make of this film other than pretty darn good. There were a few subtle plot twists which, where much appreciated. While it was an overall, well made, cute movie, I could have done without seeing it. I might just be very picky.


2 Responses to “Hancock”

  1. I agree that I could have gone without seeing this movie, I thought it……. 🙂

  2. This is another movie where the best thing I can say is that I wasn’t looking at my watch. I love Will Smith — I think he’s a great actor; but I felt the movie was too bland. I liked the concept and thought the movie opened well — I didn’t like where it went.


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