One Missed Call

Release Date: January 4th 2008

Plot Outline: Several people receive voice-mails from their future selves telling them when they are going to die.

I have a question. Why do people keep making these movies? They are all the same! They all have the same plot, the same kid running around killing people because he/she is mad at his/her mommy! And by the way, these so called “scary movies” are the furthest thing from scary. In fact, they are pretty darn boring. So basically, One Missed Call is The Ring, The grudge, and The Return all in one. I saw all four of these movies and they all revolve around the same boring plot. Does anyone even go see these besides me? When are they going to stop making this crap? And why are actors I love, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Edward Burns choosing to partake in these pathetic excuses for a movie???


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