Into the Wild


Release Date: September 21st 2007

Plot Outline: A guy gives away all of his money and hitch hikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

Bechdel Test: Fails

Into the Wild was swarmed with actors and actresses that I just adore. The plot was great. I love the idea of going off and living my own life by my own rules and to hell with society! And the acting was wonderful. I ddidn’tlike this film though. I was completely into it and my eyes were glued to the screen for the first half hour and then nothing happened for the rest of the movie. There was no climax. Everything pretty much just stayed the same. Emile Hirsch ran around looking for food and shelter and such. That was pretty much all of the excitement of the movie. I had no idea until the very end that it was a true story. The words telling the tale of the real guy came up…and I was shocked. Who knew? Not me…

Well this movie was nominated for an Oscar, or the actors were. Not quite sure. But either way, maybe it’s just me. I am beginning to think that it takes a lot to keep my attention.


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