Release Date: February 11th 2008

Plot Outline: A man (Hayden Christensen) is able to teleport himself. He finds himself involved in a war between jumpers and the people who are trying to kill them, that has been going on for centuries
I don’t even want to get started on this movie. It made me so angry and I have now lost all of my faith in the movie industry! Why the hell was this made? What was the point? The plot was good but it wasn’t carried out well at all. I am so disappointed because this flick was overwhelmed with amazing actors and actresses.

The entire movie was Hayden Christensen jumping, jumping, jumping when he didn’t have to just to be like ‘oh look what I can do!’ It was just ridiculous. And I can’t believe what a waste of time it was. Also, the acting was beyond terrible. Even with the amazing actors. This movie brought their acting level down.


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