The Happening

Release Date: Jue 13th 2008

Plot Outline: People are on the run from a mysterious suicide causing disease.

I think I may actually be the biggest M. Night fan out there. I think he is brilliant! I love every one of his films and I am always amazing at his ideas. I, of course loved this idea as well. I was impressed by the mood, the idea, and how the idea was carried out. However, I was not impressed by the acting. The thing about this is that I am a huge John Leguizamo and Mark Wahlberg fan. Has anyone seen the Departed? He was brilliant in that movie! His acting was impeccable! I have not a clue what happened to these two in The Happening. The acting really did ruin the film. Everything in this movie was great besides the acting. Sadly, it brought it down terribly. I found myself laughing during serious, suspenseful parts just because the acting was so awful. I don’t think this is the right genre for John or Mark. Maybe they will get it right the next time.Besides that, Keep ’em coming Shyamalan! I’ll be waitingP.S: M. Night usually has a guest appearance in every one of his films. He didn’t this time…or did I just miss it?.


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