You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Release Date: June 6th 2008

Plot Outline: An Israeli Special Forces Soldier fakes his own death so that he can move to New York city to live out his dream of becoming a hair stylist.

Though the plot is absolutely ridiculous and it was severely dumb…(for lack of a better word), I found myself laughing occasionally. Though slightly amusing at times, I found myself rolling my eyes more than I found myself laughing. I love Adam Sandler. I aspire to marry him someday. With Adam, I have found that as the years go on, his films get worse and worse. My disappointment all started with Punch Drunk Love. It was down hill from there. This latest film is definitely the worst of all Sandler films. Disappointment after Disappointment and I still find myself running to the theater to see his latest creation.

I was surprised at how many celebrity appearances there were. There were a bunch of celebs with small roles. The biggest role went to Mariah Carey who just so happens to be an awful actress. (Sorry Mariah). I think they added so many celebrities to this film because they knew just how bad it truly was.

It was a ridiculous plot line with a few perverted jokes in between. What is with this new phase of filling movies with perverted jokes? The funniest part of this movie is how they used Hummus for everything.  I also noticed that a lot of the dialogue was Hebrew…with no subtitles. How do they expect people to know what is going on if they speak in a different language and don’t have the courtesy of adding subtitles?  I am done ranting.


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