Never Back Down

Release Date: March 14, 2008

Plot Outline: The new kid finds himself lured into a world of underground fighting at his new high school.

Never Back Down was had a very typical feel and similar story line to You Got Served and any other teeny bopper dance/fight movie for that matter.

It was full of the usual scenarios: Girl dating bad boy then likes new good boy. All of a sudden bad boy is evil and we hate him. We want to take him down. Good guy starts off shaky but of course has a natural talent that just has to develop a tad. He perfects his art and finds his inner self. Kicks bad guys ass, wins girl. The End.

The acting was a over dramatized. Maybe because some were new actors, but they tried way too hard to play the part. The best actor in the movie was a (at the time) 14 year old kid.

I especially didn’t like that it copied a scene from Step Up 2. The expected public ass kicking, attention seeking scene at the end: In the parking lot. In the dark. All the cars turn on their headlights and we witness the climax of the film.

You might not be able to tell from my many critiques above but, I did indeed love this movie.

The fight scenes were incredible. Very brutal and realistic looking. The fighting techniques and moves were extremely impressive. It made me want to learn some fancy fighting moves myself.

Though it was the typical teen movie, it was captivating and entertaining. I love bloody fight movies. Success!


4 Responses to “Never Back Down”

  1. Nice review. Have yet to see this one but I like a good fighting movie. Have you seen the movie “Fighting”? It’s Dutch I believe, was quite good even though it takes elements from many other sports movies.

  2. Correction…I meant “Fighter” is another one I recommend.

    • Oh Ok, I will definitely look into Fighter. Love a good fighting movie.
      I saw Fighting and didn’t like it so much. Glad you changed it from Fighting to Fighter. 🙂

      • Yeah, and actually it’s Danish, not Dutch…I don’t know what was on my mind when I posted that! You should do a review of it when you check it out.

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