The Oscars

I know that as a professional Movie…Hobbyist I am supposed to care about the Oscars. I am supposed to watch every movie that has been nominated and watch every moment of the Awards Cermony.

Truth of the matter is that I hate Award shows and never watch them. I watched part of the Oscars maybe once in my life. I just don’t care. And also, I get really annoyed when the people I think deserve to win don’t and movies that I felt suckkkkked go home with the award.It really frustrates me and I just end up yelling at the TV.

Also, the speeches! Oh my God, the speeches. I could just shoot myself when I listen to them. There should be a time limit of about 30 seconds.

And why is it that the same movie wins like 30 awards? Its not THAT great!

Because of all of this unneeded stress and frustration, I simply choose not to partake to spare myself the headache.


One Response to “The Oscars”

  1. Its really frustrating when we thought about movies that ill get Oscar but ended up without getting any prizes 😦 .I like to watch award shows though.

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