Valentine’s Day

Release Date: February 12th, 2010

Plot Outline: People’s relationships, or lack thereof and what they are going through with the pressure of Valentine’s Day.

I have found something newly popular in today’s movies, a plot where all of the characters and plots intertwine. We find this method quite successful in Love Actually and Vantage Point. Though I do like this idea a lot, it was a failed attempt in Valentine’s Day. There were so many different characters and story lines that it took too long to rotate them all. By the time they got to characters we saw a while ago, it makes you say “oh yeah, I forgot about them”.

This film consisted of an all star cast. I am not quite sure if it was to accomplish a fun loving film or if it was begging for viewers. Either way it was overkill. The begging of viewers was blatantly obvious with the pairing of Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner as a couple in High School. As everyone is well aware, they are a real life item.

Valentine’s Day was much too long. Two hours! And did anyone else notice it is eerily similar to He’s Just Not That Into You? Interesting.

None of the characters were exactly likable. The soundtrack was though!

There weren’t exactly shockers in the movie but there were a few moments that made me go “oh. Hmmm. I never would have guessed.” And then I went back to not caring.


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