Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Release Date: May 1st 2009

Plot Outline: A womanizer is haunted by the women of his past at his younger brother’s wedding.

At first I really disliked this movie. I hated Connor (Matthew McConaughey) and I couldn’t imagine ever liking him. Though all the other characters were quite lovable and quirky, it’s unpleasant watching a movie when you hate the main character.

The plot wasn’t that interesting; it’s been done many, many times before. Boy and girl love each other then break up then meet in the future and realize they are meant to be. Old news.

The three ghosts from girlfriend’s past was a risky idea. I wasn’t sure if it could be pulled off. But alas, I loved it. After a while I was surprised to even like the womanizer, Connor. The way they worked in the flashbacks were great. The memories were painful and sweet. We see firsthand the transformation of the two well connected characters.

The cute, love tangled plot was accompanied by great music. Listening to classic eighties music gave it a fun yet nostalgic feel.

After the movie was over I couldn’t help but listen to Keep On Loving You-REO speedwagon and You Can’t Hurry Love (the Supremes version) numerous times.


One Response to “Ghost of Girlfriends Past”

  1. Was it entertaining — for the most part. Would I bother watching it again — probably not.

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