Date Released: November 7th 2008
Plot Outline: Two couples fight for their lives from The Tin Man while trapped in a house with him.

I was excited to see house because it seemed pretty creepy from the previews. I should have learned by now that scary movies are not all that scary.

House was basically a mixture of House of Wax and any other crappy “terrifying” teen movie you can think of.
The plot did not make sense at all. I don’t know if you can even call it a plot. At first it was set up as a serial killer movie and then out of nowhere there were demons or ghosts, which was baffling to me.

The house or the Tin Man, not quite sure, fed off of the couple’s fears or past experiences. Throughout the film we were present with a few small mysteries that were never explained. I don’t know if the writers forgot to add it in or they just didn’t care to add logic. But I didn’t care enough to be bothered by that.

There was a character, Susan that held a fairly important role. Her reason for being, who she was, or where she came from was never explained.
House wasn’t scary and it didn’t make much sense.
Is there any scary movie with an actual plot out there?

I have been on the search for the scariest movie ever made and have been failing miserably. Though, Paranormal Activity was probably the best I have seen thus far. The Ring scared me to death but I know I am just an idiot and scared myself. The Exorcist is too old school. Didn’t do it for me.

Send me recommendations of what you believe to be a truly successful terrifying film.


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