Paper Heart

Date Realeased: January 2009

Plot Outline: Charlyne Yi doesn’t believe in love. She decides to make a documentary about it.
One would think that a documentary about love, something so complex and intriguing would be absolutely fascinating. When it comes to Paper Heart, one would be wrong.

First of all, Charlyne Yi is not good in front of the camera and I was less than impressed by her interview skills. When there was an interview, that is. There definitely weren’t enough interviews and when they did occur they didn’t seem to be all that organized or in depth or intelligent. I felt like Yi never knew what to say. She doesn’t seem like a personable person so that may be why.

One thing I did think was a good idea was that Yi interviewed many different people about their perspectives on love. She interviewed elderly couples that have been together since their teen years, a children’s book author, children, and even bikers at a bar. The one thing I was disappointed in was that she interviewed scientists on the chemical reaction of love, which was an impressive idea, had she done it right. The scientists did not have a big enough part in this. They barely spoke on the subject at all. The most fascinating part of the film was cut short.

I am a Michael Cera fan but after he showed up in the film, it took an entirely different turn. Paper Heart then focused on the relationship between Cera and Yi, which, may or may not have been staged.
Paper Heart reminds me of a reality show. Its “reality” but not really…

The idea was great and this could have been a great film had it been done right and definitely by a different interviewer.


2 Responses to “Paper Heart”

  1. Spot on review Des. I was very disappointed by this one, and like you, mainly because of Yi. I loved the interviews (well, the interviewees) and thought the film would have been great if it were just simply a documentary.

  2. Yeah, I was looking forward to an interesting documentary.
    I hope someone does a documentary on love…successfully.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂
    I love hearing your input.

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