Release Date: April 15th 1983

Plot Outline: A woman working two jobs as a welder and dancer dreams of getting into dance company.

A city girl trying to make it on her own; working two jobs, has her own aparment that used to be a warehouse, and trying to pursue her dreams. Alex is an admirable character. She is strong-minded, strong willed, confident, and takes no BS from anyone.

Though Flashdance was very boring, it was however, quite inspiring. Throughout the slow paced, dull film, there was a very well received underlying message; try for your dreams or you never know if they will come true. Without our dreams we die.

This movie took place in the 80’s and we knew it. Everything was very 80’s. The hair, the clothes, and the music were very true to the 80’s. Normally I love dancing movies but the dancing style of the 80’s just wasn’t my taste so I didn’t enjoy the performances, though I did enjoy and much appreciate the inspirational message.

This is a feel good movie to see when you are feeling hopeless and in need of some encouragement and inspiration.


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