17 Again

Release Date: April 17th 2009

Plot Outline: A man is disappointed with the way his life turned out. He wishes to be 17 again to rewrite his life. He wakes up as his former 17 year old self and finally gets his chance to make his life go the way he wants.

I have to say that I didn’t want to see this film just because of Zac Efron. I was not a fan. I didn’t like his pretty hair, his preppy face, and I was against his Disney activities and his choice to date Disney channel girls. I am embarrassed to say that I am now in love with Zac Efron. He was a much better actor than I thought he would be. He was funny, adorable, and charming. This role of his completely won me over. Just like the amusing Zac Efron, 17 Again was adorable, funny, and charming. It was definitely a feel good film but it had a touch of sadness that was all too realistic. Though the movie is meant to be funny it had a strong underlying message throughout the film. It was about our hopes and dreams that are ruined by the unfortunate surprises of life and realizing that your dreams aren’t always as great as the reality you are already living. The grass is always greener on the other side, 17 Again gives us a beautiful example of this. Sometimes those unfortunate surprises are blessings in disguise.

Overall the acting was decent but I was quite surprised that Zac Efron’s acting left Matthew Perry in the dust. There is a particular scene when Efron turns into Perry. The acting comparison was just sad. Efron was so natural and convincing while Perry obviously struggled to transform into his character.

I think this is the beginning of Zac Efron’s successful career and sadly the end of Matthew Perry’s not so successful career.

I was skeptical about seeing 17 Again. A movie about going back and reliving your life…it has been done many, many times before. Don’t let that discourage you though. 17 Again is well equip to handle the competition. I was impressed. I liked this movie a lot. It was just the type of feel good film I had been wanting to see for a while. Oddly enough it encourages you to reflect and reevaluate your own life.


6 Responses to “17 Again”

  1. I’m surprised to read your comments about Zac Efron. I feel the same – I wouldn’t have seen this movie because he’s in it, but after reading your review, I will definitely give it a chance. Please check out my movie review blog as well, Crappy Movie Sunday. I think you will enjoy it! http://crappymoviesunday.wordpress.com/

  2. I absolutely will. Thanks for checking mine out.
    And yes I am sad to say I now love Zac Efron. I now curse my friend that made me see 17 Again. :p

  3. Good review. Funny how your opinion of Efron almost influenced you to not watch this one.

  4. I have to say this one is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I too gained a little respect for Efron after it. Very nice feel good movie. Great review!

  5. I’ve gotta say I loved this movie as well. I hadn’t watch Zac Efron in anything really up until I watched this movie. I only checked this movie out because of Matthew Perry. I felt the same way about the performances. It was complete turn around for me. I also loved Thomas Lennon in it.

  6. I love this movie as well! Very interesting and funny story and perfect acting of Zac Efron!

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