The Perfect Holiday

Release Date: December 12th 2007

Plot Outline: A little girl asks Santa to bring her mom a husband for Christmas. The mall Santa falls in love with the little girl’s mother, making her Christmas wish come true but not without its complications.

Dejavu! Oh wait…it just seems like I have seen the same movie a hundred times. The Perfect Holiday was pretty much the same feel as the Last Holiday, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Best Man, and Are We There Yet? Needless to say that it was extremely predictable.
They all reminded me of each other so much that I did some research; I was surprised to find that they all had different writers and directors.

I felt that this type of movie is not for Terrence Howard. He is a much better actor than this cliché type of holiday movie. He is already well established, he did great films such as Crash and Hustle and Flow. Why this film?

Though predictable and a cookie cutter holiday film, I enjoyed The Perfect Holiday. It’s light, cute and funny. Who doesn’t love a cliché holiday flick?

Gabrielle Union, Queen Latifah, and Morris Chestnut are always in the same type of movies. They are good actors. I don’t know why they choose to type cast themselves?

This isn’t much of a review because it wasn’t much of a movie. It was a cute, mindless, feel good holiday film. You see it once during the holidays and never think about it ever again.


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