Forever Strong

Date Released: September 26th 2008

Plot Outline: A Rugby player going down a bad path is put in a Juvenile Detention Center. He is allowed to play Rugby and begins going through an unexpected transformation.

As a part of one of my favorite genres, Forever Strong was truly powerful and absolutely captivating.

The movie states that it is based on true events. I did some research and couldn’t find anything about the characters. The information on the film stated that Forever Strong is actually based on events from several different lives and Rugby teams, not one particular story.

All in all it was a fantastic film. I was shocked that by the end of the movie I actually liked Sean Faris’ character, Rick Penning. He started out as an arrogant jock. I wasn’t aware that Penn Badgley was in this. I was sad to see him as such a creep but this definitely showed us that he can play more than the loveable goofball he plays on Gossip Girl.

I thought it was interesting that Forever Strong is about rugby but we barely ever see the games. It truly was about the boys as coach Larry Gelwix said, “I want you to be forever strong on the field, so that you will be forever strong off the field”. He worked hard at making their lives better and transforming boys into respectable men.

I highly, highly recommend Forever Strong! It leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful about life, wanting to be a better person, and wanting to better the relationship with your family. It’s a great family film.


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