Jennifer’s Body

Date Released: September 28th 2009

Plot Outline: A high school girl is possessed and kills off high school boys. Her best friend tries to put a stop to her evil deeds.

I am quite surprised to say that I actually enjoyed Jennifer’s Body. I never thought I would say that. This movie looked just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, some parts certainly were less than impressive but overall I had fun watching it and even jumped once. That surprised me more than anything else.

As a huge Adam Brody fan I loved seeing him in such a different role. Granted this was a film surrounding high school, but he played a gothic/punk rock dude searching for a virgin to sacrifice. I’d say it’s not like anything he has done so far.

Amanda Seyfried is known for being a great actress but we can really see her skills in Jennifer’s Body. In the beginning she starts out as a mousy, shy, insignificant high school girl. By the end of the film she is strong, independent, strong willed and a bad-ass chic. The subtle change overtime shows her ability to not only play opposite roles but to ease into the opposite role without it seeming odd or rocky. The change is natural and subtle.

What I am very sick of is Megan Fox being cast as the “hot girl” in every film since she become popular in the Transformers (2007).

I appreciated the real feel of high school, or at least the high school I remember. With quotes like, “Did u make reservations at the cheesecake factory?” and, “I ordered your corsage, it was like 12 dollars.” we see that these high school students are real teens. Not like the teens we see in shows like Gossip Girl or movies like Mean Girls. We can relate to them, their emotions, their lives, and their relationships.

What I didn’t appreciate was the teen “lingo” in this movie. I don’t know if Diablo Cody is trying to make up her own “cool” language or if she thinks this is really how teens speak on a daily basis. We saw this with the language in her film Juno as well.

The following are ridiculous words and phrases found throughout Jennifer’s Body:

“Cheese and fries”

“Shutties” (Shut up)

“Lesbigay” (Lesbian)

“Jello” (Jealous)

“Fagoes” (Faggots)

“Is he packing some serious pubic inches?”

“Its freaktarded”

“You give me such a wetty”
Overall Jennifer’s Body is definitely worth a watch. It pleasantly surprised me, which is not easy to do.


2 Responses to “Jennifer’s Body”

  1. I’m glad you liked this one! For some reason I thought it would be one you would tear apart haha. I agree with you about Ms. Fox though, would love to see how she can handle an actual role that required acting, though she was entertaining in this one I have to admit. I also enjoyed how it felt more like real high school, and I actually enjoyed Diablo’s lingo, I like how she kind of adds her own little world into movies..makes them stand out for me. Great review once again Des!

    • Thanks Nic 🙂
      I was shocked that I liked Jennifer’s Body.
      But I wasn’t so fond of the language. I didn’t think it was as ridiculous in Juno.
      I wonder where she gets the language from and why.
      It definitely made for some discussion so I guess it paid off.

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