Release Date: May 23rd 2003

Plot Outline: Because of his violent outbursts, Lyle is committed to the juvenile wing of the Northwood Mental Institution where he must attend group therapy sessions for troubled teens.

I loved Manic from the very moment it began, not only because I am in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt but also because it captivated me immediately.
It starts off as somewhat of a mystery. Lyle (Gordon-Levitt) is entered into the juvenile wing of a mental facility against his will.
We see him struggling and resisting security all the while we hear screams and a struggle in the background. We know this is why he is being put in the facility but we don’t exactly know what occurred.

The whole thing is just so intriguing. It is so emotional that you can’t help but get heavily involved in the story.

Lyle is a loveable character in a strange way. He is violent and has anger management issues but he is sad, pathetic, and jaded that you can’t really help but have some love for him. I found myself attached to each character, even the child molester and group therapy bully.

Just overwhelming emotion throughout the movie. We get right into the jaded, troubled characters and their sad lives. Each character is very unique they all have a lot of pain but display it and deal with it in very unique ways. They all keep the movie interesting.

I didn’t want Manic to end. I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull off the ending. It was great and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We got a glimpse into the characters lives and time in their therapy session. That’s how it ends. We just caught a glimpse.

The acting was more that impressive. You can tell that the actors really threw themselves into their role. They all became their character.

There wasn’t much character development just because we don’t gradually get into a story. We are thrown into all of their lives all at once. They are already developed and we are trying to keep up.


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