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Savage Grace

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Release Date: November 13th 2007

Plot Outline: The true story of the murder of Barbara Daly Baekeland by her son that claimed she was abusive.

I really don’t know what to say about Savage Grace. It was odd, a little disturbing, but overall I was bored. I know this was supposed to be an intense movie but I don’t think it really hit its mark. It was supposed to be about a woman that is abusive to her son but we didn’t see any abuse. We definitely see odd behavior, even sexual behavior between the two but nothing too abusive. She seemed hardly savage.

Julianne Moore’s acting was amazing as always. She really embraced this character. The movie was carried by Moore all the way. Other than her performance this movie isn’t worth a watch.The true story is fascinating. Read up on it instead of catching the film.


Prom Night

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Release Date: April 11th 2008

Plot Outline: A young girl is confronted on her prom night by the stalker that killed her parents years earlier.

Prom Night was excellent. It was a great thriller. It was full of unexpected, tragic, horrifying, moments. It was very suspenseful. I found myself yelling at the screen numerous times out of frustration and terror.

The only thing about Prom Night was that it was incredibly sad. This girl Donna (Brittany Snow) is terrorized by this man, he killed her parents right in front of her when she was younger and now he is killing off anyone she seems to give any attention. We really like Donna, she’s sweet, funny, pretty, outgoing, and just seems to have a lot going for her. We really don’t want these bad things to happen to her.

Though Prom Night was a successful thriller I couldn’t help but just feel bad for Donna. It was all very senseless terrorizing and killings. It just made me sad at the end.


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Date Released: October 3rd 2008

Plot Outline: An epidemic of blindness breaks out.

Bechdel Test: Fail

Blindness starring Mark Ruffalo and the always amazing, Julianne Moore was horrifying in the way that it showed us the lengths people will go to when pushed to survive. There were quite a few sick and twisted scenes that to this day I cannot get out of my head.

The reason everyone became blind all of a sudden and why one woman did not was never explained but it didn’t matter. Blindness was about what people would do in that situation, not about how or why it occurred.

Blindness was fascinating to watch. We saw how some people bond and help each other while others are selfish and are only out for themselves. Then we see what happens when these people are put up against each other.

This movie was incredibly sad. We get very attached to the characters and their strength.

Blindness kept me on the edge of my seat with a box of tissues. It was very emotional as well as terribly horrifying.

I hate to think this is what would happen if something like that happened in reality. It really makes you wonder about the world, people, and the type of person you are. What are you willing to do to survive?


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Release Date: July 16th 2010

Plot Outline: By entering dreams, two highly skilled men (Dicaprio and Gordon-Levitt) are able to steal ideas. They are put to the test when they must execute their toughest job yet, Inception.

Bechdel Test: Fail

After hearing the non-stop raves about Inception, after seeing every Facebook status stating how amazing Inception was and to go see it now, not to mention starring the incredible Leonardo Dicaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt I had to go see Inception ASAP. Which unfortunately was a week after the release date. It was worth the wait.

I can’t say much about Inception without risk of giving things away. So here is all I am willing to share:

Inception was absolutely amazing. It shocked me at how good it was. It was everything I hoped it would be and more!
It had a hole proof, fascinating plot, it had drama, emotion, and an abstract idea, fantastic acting (from each and every actor), striking visuals, in depth character development, love, comedy, suspense… It was everything a movie was meant to be.

And the ending! Oh, the ending…it was perfect. The perfect ending! It ended just how I hoped it would.

It was over 2 hours and keeps you wanting more. You still think about it days later, you crave it.

Basically, this movie was the greatest movie released in a very long time. Go see it now!

Remember Me

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Release Date: March 12th 2010

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: Tyler (Pattinson) and Ally (Ravin) fall in love but not without many complications. They get to know each other on a deep emotional level while learning about each other’s family dramas.

Remember Me surprised me. It was emotional, there was unbelievable character development, it was very well acted, and the plot didn’t suck…not even a little bit. I was shocked that I was actually enjoying this movie and actually getting emotional about it. Maybe it was so good because I expected absolutely nothing from it.

Though it was pretty great I did have a few issues with it. I will start with one that actually has to do with the plot itself.
What was with that ending!?!? It was soooo completely unnecessary. The movie was already full of depth and was a successful emotional roller coaster. There was no need for that ending in the slightest. It really annoyed me but I have to say…VERY unexpected. At the moment where you realize what’s going on everyone in the room exclaimed “OHHHHHHH!” Absolute shock…and disappointment.

On for my other issues: Robert Pattinson is the star of Twilight. He is loved by millions of girls…young girls. As good as Remember Me was, I don’t think taking this role was the wisest decision for Pattinson. There were a few unsuitable scenes for minors…very unsuitable. Not to mention his character smokes. I feel like because Pattinson was the main actor in this film that a majority of the audience was young pre-teens.
I understand that he is trying to break out of his newly found identity of Edward Cullen but I think he should have been a responsible role model and chosen his roles wisely. He knows his fan base he really should have considered that when taking this role that has a few sex scenes. That is my own personal opinion, anyway.

And I’m sorry, PG-13?!? This should have been rated R. Since when is it OK for 13 year olds to watch sex scenes like that? Ridiculous. I don’t know who rated this but they are idiots.

Overall Remember Me was great. I liked it a lot, despite the terrible ending. Go see this if you are over 16!


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Release Date: October 3rd 2003
Plot Outline: We follow several students through their daily lives while two of them are planning a shooting.

Elephant was sooooooooooo boring! The description on says Elephant follows 6 characters in their daily lives and don’t we ever. The description didn’t lie. All we see is these 6 chosen characters walking and their pointless mumblings to people they pass by. Nothing even remotely interesting happens for 20 minutes and the interesting part lasts roughly one second, maybe less. But it is just enough to keep some sort of tiny interest.

Elephant didn’t develop any characters at all. We didn’t get into their lives or thoughts or friends, we could barely even hear them speak. We follow them through the movie but we have no idea who they are. These 6 are complete strangers to us. None of them are memorable in the slightest.

Elephant was the most unemotional school shooting movie ever. The acting was terrible there was no emotion or any sense of panic during a very emotional and appropriate time to panic. I didn’t care about this movie at all which is hard to say about a movie dealing with a school shooting.

Miss March

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Release Date: March 13th 2009

Plot Outline: After waking from a coma, an extreme celibate-anti-sex before marriage teen wakes up to discover his once celibate girlfriend is now a playboy model.

This was just the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen. It was soooooo stupid! It tried so hard to be funny in perverted ways but it just came off as gross and super unintelligent.

I didn’t think this movie could get worse than it already was but the acting made this difficult task very possible.

I couldn’t deal with watching this ridiculous excuse for a movie and just turned it off.

Stay far far away from this pathetic American Pie wannabe.