Release Date: October 3rd 2003
Plot Outline: We follow several students through their daily lives while two of them are planning a shooting.

Elephant was sooooooooooo boring! The description on imdb.com says Elephant follows 6 characters in their daily lives and don’t we ever. The description didn’t lie. All we see is these 6 chosen characters walking and their pointless mumblings to people they pass by. Nothing even remotely interesting happens for 20 minutes and the interesting part lasts roughly one second, maybe less. But it is just enough to keep some sort of tiny interest.

Elephant didn’t develop any characters at all. We didn’t get into their lives or thoughts or friends, we could barely even hear them speak. We follow them through the movie but we have no idea who they are. These 6 are complete strangers to us. None of them are memorable in the slightest.

Elephant was the most unemotional school shooting movie ever. The acting was terrible there was no emotion or any sense of panic during a very emotional and appropriate time to panic. I didn’t care about this movie at all which is hard to say about a movie dealing with a school shooting.


4 Responses to “Elephant”

  1. I remember seeing bits of this on HBO a few years back. I could not get into it. I remember an unnecessary gay scene that seemed to have no significance in the movie. Basically a poor exploitation of the string of school violence that probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

    Nice review as always 🙂

  2. Sounds like the problems that bored me with a book I just finished–poorly developed characters and little action.

    I’ll be sure to avoid this film.

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