Remember Me


Release Date: March 12th 2010

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: Tyler (Pattinson) and Ally (Ravin) fall in love but not without many complications. They get to know each other on a deep emotional level while learning about each other’s family dramas.

Remember Me surprised me. It was emotional, there was unbelievable character development, it was very well acted, and the plot didn’t suck…not even a little bit. I was shocked that I was actually enjoying this movie and actually getting emotional about it. Maybe it was so good because I expected absolutely nothing from it.

Though it was pretty great I did have a few issues with it. I will start with one that actually has to do with the plot itself.
What was with that ending!?!? It was soooo completely unnecessary. The movie was already full of depth and was a successful emotional roller coaster. There was no need for that ending in the slightest. It really annoyed me but I have to say…VERY unexpected. At the moment where you realize what’s going on everyone in the room exclaimed “OHHHHHHH!” Absolute shock…and disappointment.

On for my other issues: Robert Pattinson is the star of Twilight. He is loved by millions of girls…young girls. As good as Remember Me was, I don’t think taking this role was the wisest decision for Pattinson. There were a few unsuitable scenes for minors…very unsuitable. Not to mention his character smokes. I feel like because Pattinson was the main actor in this film that a majority of the audience was young pre-teens.
I understand that he is trying to break out of his newly found identity of Edward Cullen but I think he should have been a responsible role model and chosen his roles wisely. He knows his fan base he really should have considered that when taking this role that has a few sex scenes. That is my own personal opinion, anyway.

And I’m sorry, PG-13?!? This should have been rated R. Since when is it OK for 13 year olds to watch sex scenes like that? Ridiculous. I don’t know who rated this but they are idiots.

Overall Remember Me was great. I liked it a lot, despite the terrible ending. Go see this if you are over 16!


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