Date Released: October 3rd 2008

Plot Outline: An epidemic of blindness breaks out.

Bechdel Test: Fail

Blindness starring Mark Ruffalo and the always amazing, Julianne Moore was horrifying in the way that it showed us the lengths people will go to when pushed to survive. There were quite a few sick and twisted scenes that to this day I cannot get out of my head.

The reason everyone became blind all of a sudden and why one woman did not was never explained but it didn’t matter. Blindness was about what people would do in that situation, not about how or why it occurred.

Blindness was fascinating to watch. We saw how some people bond and help each other while others are selfish and are only out for themselves. Then we see what happens when these people are put up against each other.

This movie was incredibly sad. We get very attached to the characters and their strength.

Blindness kept me on the edge of my seat with a box of tissues. It was very emotional as well as terribly horrifying.

I hate to think this is what would happen if something like that happened in reality. It really makes you wonder about the world, people, and the type of person you are. What are you willing to do to survive?


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