Prom Night


Release Date: April 11th 2008

Plot Outline: A young girl is confronted on her prom night by the stalker that killed her parents years earlier.

Prom Night was excellent. It was a great thriller. It was full of unexpected, tragic, horrifying, moments. It was very suspenseful. I found myself yelling at the screen numerous times out of frustration and terror.

The only thing about Prom Night was that it was incredibly sad. This girl Donna (Brittany Snow) is terrorized by this man, he killed her parents right in front of her when she was younger and now he is killing off anyone she seems to give any attention. We really like Donna, she’s sweet, funny, pretty, outgoing, and just seems to have a lot going for her. We really don’t want these bad things to happen to her.

Though Prom Night was a successful thriller I couldn’t help but just feel bad for Donna. It was all very senseless terrorizing and killings. It just made me sad at the end.


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