Savage Grace


Release Date: November 13th 2007

Plot Outline: The true story of the murder of Barbara Daly Baekeland by her son that claimed she was abusive.

I really don’t know what to say about Savage Grace. It was odd, a little disturbing, but overall I was bored. I know this was supposed to be an intense movie but I don’t think it really hit its mark. It was supposed to be about a woman that is abusive to her son but we didn’t see any abuse. We definitely see odd behavior, even sexual behavior between the two but nothing too abusive. She seemed hardly savage.

Julianne Moore’s acting was amazing as always. She really embraced this character. The movie was carried by Moore all the way. Other than her performance this movie isn’t worth a watch.The true story is fascinating. Read up on it instead of catching the film.


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