Dinner for Schmucks

Release Date: July 30th 2010

Plot Outline: His boss invites a man trying to rise in the corporate world to a dinner, where they invite idiots to make fun of. He questions this morally just as he meets the perfect guest.

Awful. God awful.

Ridiculous plot. It was too long for the type of movie it was. Those were very painful 114 minutes.

The only scenes I could bare to watch were any scenes with Steve Carell. He really carried the entire film. The only funny parts involved him. Because of that you would be surprised at how few scenes Steve Carell seems to be in. I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t such a crappy movie.

The title is Dinner for Schmucks but there isn’t even a dinner until the last half hour.

I got maybe two or three good laughs out of it. Those laughs were in no way worth seeing the movie. I can’t even remember what I laughed at now.


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