The Tracey Fragments


Release Date: May 9th 2008

Plot Outline: Tracey is a 15-year-old girl looking for her missing brother.

The title does not lie! The Tracey Fragments drove me insane.
The story line was good, it was very interesting and the main character was unique, the family issues were interesting, the brother missing was sad and frustrating (especially because Tracey was blamed for it) but the fragmented screen was crazy. It was overdone.

In the first 5 minutes I was like, ‘Wow this camera cutting, fragmented sequence lasted way too long. When is it going to end?’ Then I came to the upsetting realization that it was going to remain throughout the entire movie.
I was tempted to turn it off. I didn’t want to. I was intrigued but I could not imagine how I could watch a whole two-hour movie like this. Then I realized it was only just over an hour…I figured I could manage sticking through it for an hour but 15 minutes in I wasn’t so sure I could last.

And I didn’t. I needed to turn it off. I did however fast forward to watch the ending.

The Tracey Fragments was very artsy and unique. That mood and genre could have been pulled off without the insane camera work. That really ruined it for me.

Ellen Page is always fantastic. I love it when she does serious roles. She is so talented. I hope she goes very far in her acting career.


2 Responses to “The Tracey Fragments”

  1. merrybathcelestial Says:

    Bought the DVD. Saw it once. Mind blowing. Ellen Page unleashed.

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