My Favorite Alien/Monster/Disease/Epidemic/Zombie Movies!

These are some of my favorite alien/disease/epidemic/zombie movies so far. I will add as I think of them. Oh, they are in no particular order at all.

See them. Love them!



Dawn of the Dead. March 19th 2004.

A group of people hide out in a mall during a zombie take over

The Signal. January 22nd 2007.

Technology causes people to become angry and violent.


Carriers. September 4th 2009.

Four friends try to escape a viral pandemic but soon learn they are just as dangerous and deadly as the virus itself.


Invasion. August 17th 2007.

An alien invasion takes over your body while you are asleep. Everyone is fighting for their lives. Fighting to stay awake.

Blindness.October 3rd 2008.

The world is over taken by blindness. What is everyone willing to do to survive?

Quarantine. October 10th 2008.

A group of people are quarantined inside a building by the CDC when a virus breaks out that turns humans into violent zombie like creatures.

Cloverfield. January 18th 2008.

An alien attack begins in NYC.

28 Days Later. June 27th 2003.

A handful of survivors struggle to stay alive after they discover the world has been over taken by zombies.


28 Weeks Later. May 11th 2007.

The US Army helps to secure a small sanctuary in London and plan to repopulate the earth but things don’t according to plan when zombies interfere.

The Crazies. February 26th 2010.

A small Iowa town suffers a zombie like attack after their water supply was contaminated.


3 Responses to “My Favorite Alien/Monster/Disease/Epidemic/Zombie Movies!”

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  2. how about aliens, the second installment. Classic. And then there is feast, which is almost more of a comedy. Nevertheless, It’s top-notch. Far from knocking you there. Great list….. happy face….

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