Netflix vs. Blockbuster

In the never ending battle between Netflix and Blockbuster I decided to take it upon myself to unveil once and for all the true champion of the movie world!

I did the 2 week free trial for Blockbuster and the 1 month free trial from Netlix.

I will list the Pro’s and Con’s of each movie rental business:


Pro: A 1 month free trial.

Pro: Fantastic instant watch selection on the website.

Pro: Very fast delivery. A day or 2.

Con: A few of the DVD’s didn’t work properly.

Con: A few of the DVD’s didn’t arrive at all.

Pro: Once I complained about these 2 issues Netflix sent the new DVD’s right away and offered to extend my trial to a month and a half.

Con: I watch my movies the day I get them and send them right out. Once Netflix discovers this they tend to slow down the delivery time. (A man actually sued Netflix for this. I read the article a few years ago. No record of that lawsuit now)

Con: Netlix did not acknowledge the month trial and ended up charging me for 2 weeks, claiming it was only a 2 week free trial.

Pro: Once I called and complained the charges were taken away instantly.


Con: Only a 2 week free trial.

Con: No instant watch movies on the website.

Con: Movies took 2-4 days to arrive.

Con: Quite a few DVD’s didn’t work. Some came scratched and some actually came with dried food on them! Had to send them back and request new ones.

Con: My trial was almost over by the time the new ones would come.

Pro: I called to complain. They offered to extend my trail to a month but I declined and actually canceled the free trial before the 2 weeks was up because I was so frustrated.

In short: Netflix wins! Obviously…


2 Responses to “Netflix vs. Blockbuster”

  1. Incorrect, BB has games, and is cheaper. Netflix streaming quality is barely better than youtube so that can’t be considered a pro.
    And who watches DVDs anymore?

  2. Well this is all based on my free trial with both services.

    Youtube might have good streaming quality as opposed to Netflix but youtube doesn’t offer all the free movies that Netflix does.
    I personally never had trouble with Netflix’s streaming.

    And I don’t play video games. So that wasn’t a factor for me at all. I honestly didn’t even think about that aspect.
    That is good to know for people who do want to borrow games though.

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