Release Date: September 10th 2004

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A guy answers his cell phone. It is a call from a woman that has been kidnapped. She is calling from a broken phone and has no idea where she is.

Cellular is one of those movies that I saw a while ago, bought the DVD, and continue to watch every so often with a friend who hasn’t seen it. It is very fun to watch. It is exciting, it is full of good looking characters, good soundtrack, and it is pretty suspenseful.

Not great dialogue, it’s kind of lame but overall the plot and acting make up for the lame one liners. Cellular is a throwback because this is when cell phones first started becoming popular.

I like how it addressed all the issues with cell phones in a life or death situation.

This movie wasn’t full of great acting aside from Kim Basinger. She acted incredibly, we felt her helplessness and desperation. Her tone of voice, her facial expressions, her body language…she was great. By far the best actor in this film.

Some scenes were surprisingly funny. I laughed out loud quite a few times.

This isn’t an award winning film but it is a lot of fun to watch with friends. I have seen it numerous times and still enjoy it.


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