King of California


Date Released: January 24th 2007

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: An unstable man recently released from a mental institution is on the hunt for hidden gold. He recruits his daughter for the adventure.

King of California was definitely offbeat. It wasn’t like anything else I have seen. It was mystical, hopeful, and quite sad.

The fragmented relationship between father and daughter (Michael Douglas & Evan Rachel Wood) captures our attention more than anything else in the movie; An unstable father trying to do his best to get closer to his daughter, but repeatedly screwing her over due to his drive to do anything and everything to accomplish his goals and dreams of finding unknown gold in California.

His daughter, also trying to get closer to him and maybe somewhat out of pity humors him and goes on this adventure with him.

The struggle the two go through bring them closer as well as rips them apart. The father’s one-track mind overrides his logic of how to treat his daughter.

This was an emotional roller coaster. It was very touching and sad. You will laugh. You will cry. You will smile.


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