Release Date: January 30th 2006

Plot Outline: A lonely man, Les has a bad reaction to his experimental medication. It makes him believe he has developed superpowers.

Special was a special movie. It wasn’t really like anything else I have seen. I greatly appreciated the originality.

It opens with the main character; Les (Michael Rapaport) bruised and beat up. It started off sad, with a bit of a mystery, which really captivated me.

The plot develops fairly quickly. We learn that Les is apart of a study for an experimental drug. He has a bad reaction to the drug and ends up believing that he has super powers. He runs around town playing hero while the company tries to stop him from exposing their failed experiment.

I liked that we saw things though Les’ eyes. That perception made the movie more magical and exciting because overall the mood of the mood was quite bland but it worked well because Les’ life was bland.

Once we find out what is going on we can’t help but feel sorry for Les. His life is depressing, he wants so much more out of his life and now is his chance to make something of himself. I feel like this movie can speak to a lot of people working jobs they hate and just wanting more than anything to stand out, to be noticed, to be Special.

The one complaint I have is that the camera was very shaky when it shouldn’t have been.  It seemed more like the cameraman didn’t know how to keep the camera straight rather than being some artistic camera work with an underlying meaning.


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