Wild Child

Release Date: November 17th 2009

Plot Outline: A father ships off his rebellious teen daughter to a strict boarding school in England.

I did what I always do and judged a book by its cover, in this case, a movie by it’s trailer.

Wild Child looked stupid, immature, and too much like a teenybopper movie. Well, I was right…but it had a lot more to it as well. Wild Child was all of those things but it had a sort of sweet charm to it that really pulled you in for some mysterious reason.

I was shocked but the characters were fun to watch and quite likable. Their rivalries were very amusing. The main character Poppy (Emma Roberts) really grows on you. I hated her at first but after a while you come to the shocking realization that you really like this annoying prima Donna. We get to know her family life and a bit of her past. She shows a sad, soft, compassionate side that we really grow to admire and respect.

It was such a fun movie to watch. The characters were fun and sweet, the music was upbeat and made me want to dance. I found myself giggling and just loving the characters. I don’t know how but I gwenuinely enjoyed watching Wild Child…what is this world coming to???


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