The Life Before Her Eyes

Release Date: April 18th 2008

Plot Outline: A woman in her late 30’s still suffers from survivor’s guilt from a school shooting she experienced in High School.

The Life Before Her Eyes tried to be an emotional drama but simply ended up coming off as doofy because of the bad acting. Uma Thurman doesn’t do emotional very well. There were so many moments of her staring off into space, trying to keep an emotionally exclaimed face. It was supposed to be deeply emotional but I couldn’t help but laugh and roll my eyes. I can not tell you how many times I rolled my eyes while watching this. I really should have kept a count.

The Life Before Her Eyes was full of flashbacks. I liked the idea of it but the flashbacks seemed random, not well placed, and seemed to appear without any sort of purpose or connection.

Ohhh how slow the plot developed! I was SO bored for most of the movie. It was to the point where (sadly) I was excited when the school shooting was shown because I needed something to happen!

Something that bothered me in The Life Before Her Eyes was that Diana (Thurman) didn’t seem to like her child at all. It was just so odd. It seemed like she hated her. That wasn’t even just me either. Even the daughter says, “You hate me.” to her mother. I felt so bad for this little girl. They didn’t have a strong relationship at all. Her daughter was very intelligent, us as the audience can even see that and yet, Diana (Thurman) talks to her like a two year old. She is very condescending towards her young daughter.But then again, she didn’t seem to have a strong relationship with her husband either. Also, I didn’t see the connection between younger Diana and the best friend Maureen (Eva Amurri). They had nothing in common whatsoever.

Obviously, there wasn’t good chemistry among any of the characters in the movie and the behavior Diana displays towards the other characters makes her extremely unlikable.

There was a major twist at the end but I didn’t like the twist at all. It didn’t even really make sense to me. I felt like it came out of nowhere and it wasn’t well placed. Maybe I missed something but I found a lot of plot holes.

Whatever, I didn’t like the movie enough to care. But this just made me hate The Life Before Her Eyes even more.


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