Release Date: August 20th 2010

Plot Outline: Prehistoric Piranha are freed from under the ocean floor during spring break.

I LOVED Piranha, but not because it was a great, well-made, jaws-like film.

I loved Piranha because of its stupidity and for the pure satisfaction that obnoxious, horny, perverted college students die in a gory, horrendous, bloodbath! It was amazing.

Piranha was full of half naked girls with big boobs, drugs, alcohol, and blood.

I mean, the movie poster says, “Sea, Sex, and Blood”. That wasn’t a lie.

I appreciated that Piranha knew what it was and didn’t try to be anything else. It was a stupid, stupid, movie with hot people dying…what more could you possibly want from this movie?

A classic scene just to give you a taste of the movie’s mood: The main guy in charge of the Girls Gone Wild girls got half eaten by a swarm of Piranha. He gets dragged out of the water while yelling, “My penis! They took my penis!”

We then see his penis floating around in the water and then it gets eaten by a fish…seriously…I’m not joking.

The entire theater (all 7 of us) thoroughly enjoyed watching Piranha. The theater erupted into many laughs and loud clapping numerous times but these times occurred when people died slow torturous deaths.

You should have heard the roars of laughter during the main massacre and at the ending credits. We were all excited. It was a good ole’ time.

I totally recommend seeing Piranha with tons of friends! You will be disappointed but in the best, most humorous way possible.


One Response to “Piranha”

  1. Hahaha soooo true! Best awful movie…EVER! Never have I enjoyed watching people die more.

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