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Release Date: March 12th 2010

Plot Outline: A fisherman discovers a woman in his fishing net. He and his daughter believe she is a Selke (mermaid)

I was quite intrigued the first time I saw the trailer for Ondine. It seemed so mysterious, so mystical, and so unique. I was very eager to see it.

When I finally did get a chance to watch it, I was only slightly disappointed.

I was thrilled with the acting. Colin Farrell isn’t always the greatest but he really surprised me in this one. His daughter in the movie, played by Alison Barry was incredible! I was absolutely in love with her. She was so spunky and loveable. I wanted to take her home with me. I have never heard of Alicja Bachleda before but I really hope to see her in a lot more things. I was impressed with her acting. Her charm shines through the screen and grips you. I immediately loved her as an actress.

The Irish accents were very heavy. It was sometimes difficult to understand the characters but I liked it because they made the movie seem authentic and fairytale like.

The characters were all very different people. They all had strong personalities, which I liked. There was also fantastic character development. We really got into the lives and feelings of each character, except for Ondine, which was intentional because she was such a mystery to us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie up until the final half hour. The entire point of this movie was that, we as the audience don’t know if Ondine is really a Selke (mermaid) or not. In the end of the movie an elaborate explanation is given that completely destroys all mystiques the film had held up until that point. I was extremely disappointed with that aspect, and not only that but the explanation was absurd. Ondine would have been much better overall if the mystery was kept.

Up until that point it was great though. See it and then just turn it off before the last half hour! 😉


In & Out

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Release Date: September 19th 1997

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A man’s life is turned upside down when a rumor that he is gay goes around.

In & Out started out very…gee golly, picture perfect, and kind of corny. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it at first but I wanted to give it a fair shot. The town, small town folk, and overall mood of the film reminded me a lot of Pleasantville.
The main character, Howard (Kevin Kline) is a well respected, loved teacher and coach. He is engaged to a beautiful woman (Joan Cusack) and he is a part of a nice, wholesome family that love his Fiancé as their very own daughter. Everything in Howard’s life seems to be going perfectly…that is until a former student, Cameron Drake (Matt Dillon) now big time celebrity makes a special shout out to his former teacher at the Academy Awards, Howard for being brave enough to be out. This shout out causes a stir of rumors within the town that turn Howard’s once perfect life upside down.

This is categorized as a comedy and it is in fact very funny. I laughed a lot throughout the entire film but when taking a deeper look at In & Out there is a very strong underlying message, that being gay is something that is not always accepted. The comedy is that this mans life is now turned upside down by this rumor but with just a little tweak in mood, soundtrack, and/or character’s personalities if it wasn’t a comedy it would be quite tragic. A teacher nominated for the High School’s teacher of the year award is now facing termination because of a rumor about his sexual preferences. Howard, once a beloved and well-respected man is now being outcast by his students, neighbors, and some family members. And of course, the possibility of Howard being gay puts a bit of a damper on his wedding plans.

The plot was well developed; the acting was mediocre but not enough to ruin the film. I laughed throughout the movie and even cried a few times because of truly heart warming and touching moments in the film.

I liked In & Out because it shared an important message and intelligently showed the possible struggles of coming out through comedy.

Overall it was a great movie that I think people can really enjoy and even learn something from.

It’s Complicated

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Release Date: December 25th 2009

Plot Outline: A woman has an affair with her ex husband.

I loved It’s Complicated. It was just sooo much fun to watch. Meryl Streep is always amazing, no matter which role she plays. In It’s complicated she plays an older working, divorced mother that starts up an affair with her ex husband. She is learning a new side of herself. She is finally finding her inner youth. For years she worked, took care of her children, and was the ultimate responsible adult. She finally starts making decisions she wouldn’t normally make. She drinks, smoked pot, and dances. Her ex husband (Alec Baldwin) brings out a side of her she forgot she had. It’s apparent to everyone around her as well as the audience. Between the loveable character and Streep’s natural talent for gripping an audience we have fun with her, we laugh with her, and we are happy that she is happy. Meryl Streep’s acting is so amazing that the happiness of her character radiates off the screen and puts us in a good mood.

It’s not all fun and games however. She is still a working mother. We get involved in her life and the struggles that come with divorced parents and dating again after a divorce.

One thing I wasn’t a fan of was the abrupt change in pace. Out of nowhere the movie becomes very serious and actually kind of sad. It didn’t end the way I expected but I kind of liked that. There was a reason for it. Besides all the fun the characters are very articulate about their feelings and thought process. Which I appreciated. It really made the intentions and message of the film clear.

Oh, and another thing I loved was the soundtrack. It’s Complicated was full of fun oldies.

This movie was just so much fun to watch. I definitely recommend watching this with some friends.




Breaking Upwards

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Release Date:2009

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A couple struggles to let go so they do it in baby steps. They decide to be broken up a few days a week and a couple the rest of the week. They agree to not speak or tell each other what they are doing on their off days. This goes very well until paranoia and jealousy join the picture.

Breaking up is always a difficult, heart wrenching experience but especially so when the couple knows they have to break up but still love each other.

Breaking Upwards takes this depressing topic and turns it into something light, something funny, and something unique. Something about Breaking Upwards is just so charming.

I enjoyed Breaking Upwards a lot! It had everything a movie should, a unique plot, likable characters, good acting, good soundtrack…it was sad, heart warming, as well as heartbreaking. I laughed, I cried…

Overall I enjoyed this movie very, very much even though it made me cry like a baby. When it was over I wanted more.

I definitely recommend this movie for a cozy night in.