Breaking Upwards

Release Date:2009

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A couple struggles to let go so they do it in baby steps. They decide to be broken up a few days a week and a couple the rest of the week. They agree to not speak or tell each other what they are doing on their off days. This goes very well until paranoia and jealousy join the picture.

Breaking up is always a difficult, heart wrenching experience but especially so when the couple knows they have to break up but still love each other.

Breaking Upwards takes this depressing topic and turns it into something light, something funny, and something unique. Something about Breaking Upwards is just so charming.

I enjoyed Breaking Upwards a lot! It had everything a movie should, a unique plot, likable characters, good acting, good soundtrack…it was sad, heart warming, as well as heartbreaking. I laughed, I cried…

Overall I enjoyed this movie very, very much even though it made me cry like a baby. When it was over I wanted more.

I definitely recommend this movie for a cozy night in.


2 Responses to “Breaking Upwards”

  1. This movie messed with my head. At first it seemed weird but all in all a really solid and well done movie. Very real world sad though

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