Step Up 3

Release Date: August 6th 2010

Plot Outline: A group of misfit NYC dancers compete against an evil gang of dancers.

Now, I know the Step Up movies aren’t what one would consider to be a “good” movie. There’s nothing great about them. The plot it mediocre, the idea has been done 100 different ways, they are corny and predicable. I’m sorry, but I love them! Step Up and Step Up 2 were highly entertaining. I could watch people dance for hours and hours, especially extremely good looking people.

I was pretty excited with I heard Step Up 3 was coming out. I however was not thrilled about it coming out in 3D. I hate it when movies are in 3D. I try to avoid them. They are usually bad and only meant to be seen in 3D. That was my mini rant about 3D. Moving on…

Though the Step Up’s aren’t great in general, Step Up 3 was beyond terrible. I normally love the dancing and can excuse the bad acting because I understand that if you are talented in one way such as dancing, then you probably aren’t talented in the field of acting. It wouldn’t be fair to be so

multi talented. I usually excuse the terrible acting in performance films but I just couldn’t in this one. All of the actors seemed like they were trying way too hard. It was painful to watch them try to become the characters.

Also, the characters were just ridiculous! They were doofy and unlikeable. And there was some feud with some dancing gang/ninjas. I’m not sure what was going on. I was confused. Whatever they were supposed to be I just didn’t like them.

The main purpose of the Step Up movies is to enjoy the dancing. Even the dancing was terrible in this movie! None of the dance sequences were that diverse. I felt like I was watching the same dance just in different ways.

It was nothing more than one of those pathetic teen movies, the group of talented misfits, the mysterious girl that is actually on the enemies side but falls in love with the good guy and switches sides, the battle at the end that the good guys of course win.

I expected all of this, I really did. But I also expected exciting dances to watch. Step Up 3 just didn’t deliver.


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