Release Date: January 23rd 2010

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: Paul, a contractor working in Iraq, wakes up buried alive in a coffin with a lighter and a cell phone after being attacked by a group of Iraqis.

Buried wasn’t the best movie I have ever seen but any movie that takes place in a box and keeps you entertained for an hour and a half deserves major props!

I was highly impressed by Buried on many levels. For one, I was impressed by Ryan Reynold’s incredible acting. The entire movie is basically focused on his face and body. He really had to get into this role to make it convincing and he definitely accomplished that. His emotions felt so real. He conveyed his emotions so much that I even felt them myself. I was getting so frustrated along with Paul (Reynolds). He was yelling and screaming at people on the other end of the call. I was also screaming and yelling. Any kind of frustration you have ever experienced with trying to contact someone on the phone with no luck, being put on hold, or being transferred to 10 different people is magnified by a thousand in Buried.

Second, I was impressed by the music and the lighting effects throughout the movie. They elevated the emotion that Reynold’s was already showing us.

Buried stressed me out a tremendous amount. Within the first 5 minutes I was panicking. I had to take off my blankets and be totally loose while watching it. I felt my anxiety levels rising.

It was an intense movie to say the least. Days later Buried still haunted me. The ending was incredible. I could not get over it. I thought about for at least two weeks. I really wish I saw it with a friend.

See Buried…if you aren’t claustrophobic.


2 Responses to “Buried”

  1. Jesus Christ-crackers, I swear, you are just an amazing writer and reviewer. So it really had that big of an effect on you, huh? Damn! I liked the film and I definitley give it mad props for the bold filmaking and for Reynolds’ performance but I can’t say it had a lasting impression on me. I honestly haven’t given the film much thought after I saw it. Still, it was good and it’s nice to see that you get so emotionally envolved when you watch a film. I think it’s better that you watched it by yourself. I wish I did. You get a deeper sense of what it’s like for the character. You feel trapped and scared like him. I don’t know if that makes any sense but… Seriously, great review. I loved it!

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