Everybody’s Fine

Release Date: December 4th 2009

Plot Outline: A widower tries to become closer to his children. When they all cancel for the family weekend he put together he decides to travel around the country to visit each of his estranged children.

I immediately fell in love with Everybody’s Fine. It started off very sweet. Robert De Niro is an older man shopping for food and wine to impress his children. It was a role I’ve never seen De Niro in, a vulnerable older man with children.

You really love this old man as he is setting up this special family weekend to unite his family. It is extremely heart breaking when one by one all of his children cancel on his special plans. It was so sad, I nearly cried.

We follow Frank (DeNiro) on his journey across the country to visit each of his children. I can’t even get over how sweet he is. He tells everyone along the way about his kids and how proud of them he is. It’s incredibly endearing. I just loved him so much.

What I liked about Everybody’s Fine is that it felt real. The family dynamic was believable and there was even a bit of mystery to the movie. It keeps you interested.

Although the family isn’t close and there are some things Frank does not agree with, the most important thing to him is that his children are safe and he loves them. A family many people dream about.

I highly recommend Everybody’s Fine. It’s both heartbreaking yet a feel good film. I don’t know how but they pulled that off well.

See it now!


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