The Good Heart

Release Date: February 23rd 2010

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A bartender takes in a young homeless man.

We know that everyone in our lives serve some kind of purpose though we don’t always know what this purpose is.

The Good Heart takes two very unique characters that are in desperate need of help and someone to care about them and throws them together. We get to see this unlikely duo become the best of friends in a love/hate kind of way. Everyone needs someone. The Good Heart shows us this need demonstrated in many different ways.

I loved this movie. It took unlikeable characters and made them loveable. We really get to know the characters and their self destructive ways . We get to know them deep down to the core. We get to know their hopes, their dreams, and their souls.

The Good Heart was very emotional. I laughed; I cried happy and sad tears, it was extremely touching. This film definitely made an impact on me. Not only did it show how people can connect but it also shows us the bigger picture, it shows us destiny and how things are meant to be. We don’t always know why things happen or why some people are in our lives but there is always a reason. The Good Heart really shows us this throughout the movie. It was beautifully created and very well made. It was a phenomenal movie that I think every one should see. It really made a strong impact on me. I was very impressed by it to the point I cannot express how great it was. See it!


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