The Last Exorcism

Release Date: August 27th 2010

Plot Outline: A doubtful priest decides to uncover the truth of demonic possession and films his exorcism for a documentary.

I love a good exorcism/demon movie so I was excited to see The Last Exorcism. It was a bit of a twist from the traditional exorcism idea which I was a big fan of. I liked the idea a lot, a priest not believing in demons and exorcisms and says he will perform them to expose frauds.

The start of the movie was just great. I loved the priest and his dialogue. He was very intelligent and sweet. He had a good heart, an overall likeable character.

As the story progressed us as the audience had so much doubt. We don’t know what is going on at all; we don’t know what is real and what is fake. Is she possessed? Is she faking it? Mystery! And I loved it.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Exorcism until the ending. The characters were likeable and intriguing, I was confused, the plot was fairly original, and it was suspenseful and mysterious. The Last Exorcism had everything going for it but they just didn’t know how to end it I suppose. The ending was terrible…beyond terrible. It really ruined the whole movie for me. I saw this in theaters. In unison the entire audience let out disappointing groans and whining. You could actually feel the sense of disappointment overtake the entire theater.

It was soooo good. Why did they have to ruin it? Whyyyy?


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