I Love You Phillip Morris

Release Date: January 18th 2009

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: After a car accident Steven reevaluates his life and decides to come out of the closet and live life to the fullest. Once being sent to prison for…living life to the fullest, Steven meets the love of his life, Phillip Morris and he is willing to do anything to stay with him.

I Love You Phillip Morris was not what I expected at all! It was shocking but in a very pleasant way. I liked this movie a lot and its always nice to see Jim Carrey branch out. This was a very different role than he usually plays, same with Ewan McGregor. The film could have done without the accents but I’ll overlook that. It was based on a true story so maybe that’s why.

The cast of actors really threw themselves into their roles. They acted their roles with every thing they had. Both McGregor and Carrey really showed us their talents and acting abilities. Leslie Mann as well, this role was nothing like I’ve ever seen her play. She usually has a bigger role but I was glad she decided to take this role, small but good and impressive.

Everything throughout the movie was very out of nowhere and things kept happening that I didn’t expect so I had to keep watching to see where this was going. It definitely kept me interested. Everything was so over the top that I just couldn’t guess what was going to happen. I liked that, even though at times it seemed a bit ridiculous.

The whole movie was pretty upbeat and not too serious. There were a few emotional scenes but I couldn’t take these scenes seriously just because of the way the movie was. The emotion didn’t flow; these scenes came out of nowhere. It wasn’t the tone of the movie at all. They were out of place and didn’t transition well.

Towards the end I Love You Phillip Morris got very serious. In this case it was more built up so it was better received than the emotional scenes that were just out of nowhere. I absolutely love it when Jim Carrey does a different, serious role because it’s always fantastic and impressive. Nothing in this movie was what I expected at all. I loved that it kept surprising me. I Love You Phillip Morris was a very odd love story and I loved it even more because it is based on a true story.


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