The Stone Angel

Release Date: July 11th 2008

Plot Outline: Hagar is nearing 90 years old. She runs away to the town she grew up in when her son and daughter in law inform her of their plans of putting her in a nursing home. On Hagar’s adventure we learn about her upbringing, her husband, her children, and her dream that never quite came true.

The Stone Angel was sad, so, so sad. Hagar (Burstyn & Horne) leads a very sad and tragic life. She married her first love at a young age but this love was less than perfect. Choosing to be with her first love against her families wishes turns out to be one of the worst decision she ever made.
Hagar appears to be a heartless woman but she has a soft side…somewhere in there. She wants so much from her life but could never find what truly made her happy. She lived a long and unhappy life.

Though I did not particularly like The Stone Angel, I still highly recommended it to friends. Not because I loved it and it was a great movie but because it impacted me so strongly.

The Stone Angel contained a lot of important life lessons. It shows you the course of this woman’s life. You see her decisions, mistakes, and regrets. It is so important to not let life pass you by. It’s over sooner than you know it. Sometimes friends and family do truly know what is best for you.
The Stone Angel was inspiring but in the saddest way possible, by actually showing you a failed life.
Sometimes it helps to watch other people’s failures to know you want more from your own life. Living life to its fullest potential is so important. The Stone Angel shows this to us.

The acting in The Stone Angel was fantastic. You really see the weight of the world on these characters shoulders. Throughout the movie the emotions and situations feel very real. The story is totally believable and sad because I can see this being many peoples lives.



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