Aeon Flux

Release Date: December 2nd 2005

Plot Outline: Aeon Flux is an assassin working with a group that is trying to overthrow their government.

So Aeon Flux (to me) was an epic fail of a movie. It was ridiculously cheesy. You can see the type of movie it was trying to be and you can see how and why it failed miserably.

So as far as I understood, there was some illness that wiped out the population. Everyone that survived was quarantined in this makeshift society. So as I understood it, these were just humans…so why did Aeon Flux appear to be super human? I didn’t understand why or how. I feel like she was supposed to be highly trained in martial arts and things of that nature but that the effects were done so badly that it came off as superhuman instead of an acquired skill.

Speaking of effects, the fight scenes were shown badly. They were quick shots and not focused well so I couldn’t really see any of the action. And besides that everything looked so fake! What kind of special effects were these???

The entire movie came off like a spoof.

So a major aspect of this film that was bothering me so much and just getting under my skin was that it was SO over dramatic.

The one and only part that I appreciated was cool because they show what was happening inside the body like when she took a pill. Showed it travel and dissolve in an x-ray type thing. Yep, that was the one scene I liked.

I felt as though the first mission was so easy. I could have done that myself! lol For realssss

I was bothered at the attempt of a successful movie by way of sex appeal. The women in the movie all spoke deeply, sexually, and dramatically.

And the outfits. Ohhhh the outfits. Aeon Flux’s pajamas were a strip of fabric over her boobs just covering her nipples and a pair of underwear.

Her mission outfit: Tight black leather, open chest, and of course with her hair in her face all dramatic and sexy.

It might just be me but that’s not an outfit I’d wear on a mission where I almost die. And my hair most definitely would not be in my face.

Just to top it all off, the acting sooooooooooooooooooooo bad!

Can you tell I hated this movie?

It reminded me a lot of resident evil. But I liked Resident Evil.


3 Responses to “Aeon Flux”

  1. MerryBathCelestial Says:

    funny! “..the acting was soooooooooooooooooooooobad!” Nice review!

  2. Billy the kid Says:

    I dunno, can you tell me that the movie was bad?

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