And While We Were Here

And While We Were Here 


Release Date: August 2013

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Plot Outline: While working on a meaningful project, a woman enters a relationship with a younger man in Italy while she is there with her husband.

Review: And While We Were Here surrounds the story of Jane. Jane is a quiet, subdued woman that does not smile very often. The film follows Jane’s mood by being mellow and somewhat gloomy, even while taking place in a place as beautiful as Italy. Jane’s unhappiness is obvious and the viewers feel as unhappy as she is. We can see that Jane is being suffocated and longing to be happy. We become witness to Jane’s deteriorating marriage. We witness uncomfortable and hurtful conversations between Jane and her husband. While roaming Italy by herself, Jane meets a young man named Caleb. Caleb is a teenager that catches Jane’s eye. He is happy and free and adventurous. He seems to be everything Jane desires to be but she is hesitant. Though Caleb is so much younger than Jane, they seem to get each other and have great chemistry. Once Caleb is in the picture, the mood of the movie shifts. We see Jane smile more, which makes the viewer smile more. Jane is excited by life again and we become excited by the movie.

I think And While We Were Here is so powerful because it does a fantastic job of having the viewer feel what Jane feels. You get involved in the film, with the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film and definitely recommend it.


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