Sound of My Voice


Release Date: January, 2011

Plot Outline: Two film makers try to penetrate a cult. The members of the cult worship a woman that claims to be from the future. 

Rating: 3/5

Sound of My Voice is not only intriguing and full of mystery but it is also exciting, thrilling, and thought provoking. Sound of My Voice evokes many emotions. I was excited and nervous and on the edge of my seat. It is fascinating to watch and keeps your attention. Watching the two film makers living in the world of a cult was fascinating and nerve wracking. The relationships in the film were developed very well and the acting was fantastic.

Sound of My Voice left my mind was racing with possibilities. The end of the movie makes the whole movie worth it, in my opinion. Though this is not my favorite Brit Marling film, it keeps the mystery and thrill that Brit Marling films tend to hold. 

I heard this film was intended to be a trilogy. However, I have not seen any sequel in the works. 

I definitely recommend this film and all other Brit Marling Films.


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