A Bag of Hammers


Release Date: March, 2011

Plot Outline: Two misfit best friends incapable of growing up, whose direction is tested by an abandoned child, worn beyond his years; together they invent the family they’ve always needed (IMDB.com).

Rating: 5/5

A Bag of Hammers…where do I begin? This is the best film I have seen in a long time! That is the only accurate place to start. Everything was perfection…the plot, the acting, the music…

What an incredible film. This is definitely a tear jerker but such a feel good comedy. I cried sad tears, I cried happy tears. This film broke my heart and then melded it back together. A Bag of Hammers is a roller-coaster of emotions and you will enjoy the ride!

When the film ended I just sat and let it all sink in. I could not believe what a fantastic film I had just seen. How is this film not more popular? Why hasn’t everyone seen A Bag of Hammers? Why isn’t everyone talking about this? These are the questions I asked myself for days and weeks after seeing the film. I recommended it to anyone that would listen to me rant about it.

Instead of going on and on about this film I will say this: A Bag of Hammers is a must see. It will forever be on my long list of favorite films. What a unique gem.

If you liked this see: Phoebe in Wonderland, Patrik 1.5, Short Term 12


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