The Last Days


Release Date: July, 2013

Plot Outline: A deadly form of agoraphobia mysteriously takes over the world.

Rating: 3.5/5

Heads up, this film has subtitles. It is in Spanish.

The Last Days was nothing short of fascinating. I very much enjoyed watching this film. I thought the metaphors and symbolism throughout the film were extremely clever and well utilized. While watching the film I was amazed and my mind was racing. Not only was The Last Days entertaining and emotional, but it also held a lot of meaning and successfully delivered its many messages to the audience.

Online, I have seen many people asking why this illness occurred, asking to get to the root of it and see if there is a cure but this is not like other epidemic/illness type films. Asking these questions is not the purpose of the film. It is not important to know how or why this happened. The important aspect of this film is the consequences. Hearing the messages being delivered are the purpose of this film.

Great film! Entertaining, emotional, will keep you on the edge of your seat at times, and full of meaning. It’s the whole package.

If you liked this see: Blindness


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