The Beaver


Release Date: 2011

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Bechdel Test: Fail

Plot Outline: A man struggling with depression finds his voice in a beaver puppet.

The Beaver started out strong. It has a strong cast full of talented, well respected actors. I was surprised that Jennifer Lawrence was in this. I didn’t realize that until I started watching the film. Though The Beaver was original, the idea of the puppet was unique and intriguing, I felt that the film did follow the usual script of a family falling apart and then trying to bring themselves back together. That doesn’t mean that the film isn’t good, it just means I have seen it before, without the puppet.

Watching The Beaver was surprisingly emotional. This is a story about a man’s mental illness. This man is falling apart, his family is falling apart. It feels sad and it feels real, even though the puppet is a thing. You can easily see this family’s pain and resentment and fear. Watching the family fall apart is much like watching a train wreck. You want to look away but you just can’t. It is captivating.

Like I said before, The Beaver started out strong…”started” being the key word. I felt that the end of the movie was weak and lazy.

I did enjoy watching this film, I wasn’t bored but after it finished I wasn’t left with much, just an hour or so of being entertained. It isn’t memorable but it was a feel good film for the moment.

If you liked The Beaver, watch: Stuck In Love (though I liked Stuck In Love a lot more)


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